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Lag Guitars Tramontane HiVibe 10 THV10DCE AC/EL Cutaway Dreadnaught

Lag Guitars Tramontane HiVibe 10 THV10DCE AC/EL Cutaway Dreadnaught

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The Lâg THV10DCE packs a lot of warmth and deepness into a comfortable, easy to play guitar. This huge amount of warmth is brought up by its solid red Cedar top, which is nicely paired with the Mahogany body. The typical Venetian cutaway opens up to its slim neck and Brownwood fretboard and offers you a smooth playing experience. Specially designed bracing inside the guitar is able to pick up every little detail of your playing style and make them sound wonderful.

HyVibe's proprietary technology is used to turn the acoustic guitar into its own speaker, amplifier and effects processor. This system uses smart, connected vibration technology, combining a sensor, a high-performance processor and actuators to constantly excite, measure and transform the resonances of the guitar's body. This results in a superior, augmented experience that you can feel.

High quality acoustics
The HyVibe system comes embedded into three special Lâg Tramontane models, built under the supervision of acclaimed French luthier Maurice Dupont. In order to make the most out of the HyVibe System, Maurice designed a unique bracing specially for these guitars that produces a rich range of tones and excellent sound quality.

Self amplification from vibration
Use all the features, effects and play over your favorite songs or backing tracks using the bluetooth speaker function, all without wires or cables, easily and directly through your guitar.

Multi-effects processor
Self-amplify customizable guitar effects such as chorus, reverb, distortion, phaser, pitch-shifter, tremolo, acoustic boost, etc. directly from the body of the guitar. No pedals, speakers or wires are needed anymore! Play with these built-in effects as well when you are plugged into an amp or a PA system.

Bluetooth speaker
The HyVibe System transforms the top of the guitar into a speaker membrane, turning the guitar body into a connected speaker that amplifies audio from your smartphone, PC, tablet, etc. Stream from YouTube, Spotify, iTunes and even Skype!

Loop, record and share
Experience the fun of creating loops and jamming over them, directly through the guitar. Instantly record new song ideas and share them with your friends (8GB of storage).

HyVibe mobile app
Use the HyVibe mobile app to customize your effects, shape your sound, record your playing, activate the looper and much more.

Programmable EQ with tuner
The Lâg HyVibe comes complete with a fully programmable (via the HyVibe mobile app) and powerful 7 band EQ to shape your sound just as you want it. The guitar also has a built-in digital chromatic tuner.

Use the integrated metronome to train and practice your rhythm. The easily programmable rhythm motifs cover all musical styles.

Long life battery
The extended long life battery allows you to play, loop and stream for up to 10 hours/charge You can charge it easely thanks to its USBC charging port, or use a power bank away from home and play while it is charging.

Standard output end input jacks
Use all the features through an amp or a PA system thanks to the output jack, allowing on stage performance. Input jack for external devices is also included (pedals, PC, etc.).

• Top: solid red Cedar
• Back & sides: Khaya Mahogany open pore
• Finish: satin
• Bridge: Brownwood
• Saddle: compensated black graphite / 72 mm

• Neck: Khaya Mahogany open pore
• Finish: satin
• Fingerboard: Brownwood
• Frets: 20 – silver nickel
• Scale: 650 mm
• Headstock: Brownwood

• Machine heads: die cast / satin black
• Nut: black graphite / 43 mm

• HyVibe System

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